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Married and lonely this is 10956

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Everyday is hard… and being amongst other happy couples makes feeling lonely in your relationship even worse!

So if you are one of the many who feels lonely in a relationship, or you know of someone who feels loneliness in this way, Married and lonely this is 10956 read on. Loneliness of one person in a marriage might be an indicator of a marriage in trouble. Not all people who are married let their partner know how lonely they are, and not all marriages in trouble end in divorce.

However, divorce is a reasonable indicator that one or both of the couples had experienced some loneliness in their marriage. Stats NZ recent publication shows that couples that married in had a 1 in 5 chance of being divorced within a decade.

That rose to an almost 2 in 5 chance of divorce within 25 years of getting married. The provisional statistics show that the divorce rate number of divorces per 1, existing marriages was 8.

These figures do not include what is happening in the many de facto relationships of couples in New Zealand. Even without having the same legal bonds of a marriage, many de facto couples might experience similar levels of loneliness when they believe their relationship is in trouble.

Feeling socially isolated occurs when people are not connected into their communities in a meaningful way. Society, other people and we ourselves unwittingly contribute to loneliness.

These are very real issues for you; and some are not quick fixes! This manifests behaviour such as:.

These are just the surface of the ways you might be showing signs of being lonely… and that you could recognise in others. So where to from here?

Your personality, your eccentricities, and your values are all part of what makes you feel your loneliness more than some others. Then when we have understood you better, we oonely help you move forward.

Help you form better connections with your spread out communities, with your friends and your families …wherever they are in the world. If you are ready to take the next step, click the button to get started addressing your loneliness:. People feel lonely for many reasons. So when you are ready… click here.