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Married mature in Cincinnatus New York

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The surface of the town is rugged and hilly, the ridges rising from to feet above the valleys. The Tioughnioga river flows through the western part of the township in a deep, narrow valley, bordered by precipitous hillsides.

Hunt creek, in the northwestern part of the town, flows through a narrow, deep valley, and Merrill creek, in the eastern part, flows through a similar valley. The principal part of the arable land lies along the valleys; the uplands are broken and better adapted to pasturage. The Fucking girls Silver Spring is a sandy and gravelly loam.

Marathon village is the only considerable business center of the town. Texas valley, in the northeastern part of the town, was laid out first and, it being on the State road and central to the four towns of Cincinnatus, Freetown, Willet and Marathon, was formerly regarded as the most probable site of a thriving business center; but it is now a mere hamlet, while Marathon contains a population of 1, and is a growing and active business place.

Hunt, of Marathon village, has written some interesting historical notes upon this town, from which Married mature in Cincinnatus New York make the following extracts: Woman seeking sex tonight Collinsville Ohio cut out a narrow path near the river and marked trees as an additional guide to their way; erected some rudely constructed log-cabins and then Married mature in Cincinnatus New York for their families.

They brought them in canoes by way of the Susquehanna river, the greater part from a distance above, the others from below, its junction with the Chenango. This entire section of the country was Married mature in Cincinnatus New York. They severally by severe toil and indomitable energy succeeded in clearing and planting a small piece of ground with corn among the stumps and roots, which, when matured, became the staple article of food for their families. But when the corn was harvested they had no means of reducing it to meal, except by beating it in a mortar, which was usually constructed by scooping out the top of Married mature in Cincinnatus New York stump, above which they suspended a pestle adapted to the size of the mortar; attached it to a spring-pole, the elasticity of which aided in raising the pestle.

Yet this substitute for grinding afforded but a slow and very laborious process. There was then no grist-mill within fifty miles of them.

Married mature in Cincinnatus New York

Occasionally two of the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York joined aMrried going to mill with a canoe, taking several bushels of corn for the settlement, making Married mature in Cincinnatus New York a pleasant trip down the stream, but, no unlike boys riding down hill on hand-sleds, their return to the starting point was slow and attended with considerable labor. The nearest mill was then located somewhere on the Susquehanna river. The flats were mostly Married mature in Cincinnatus New York with hard timber, such as maple, beech, ash, etc.

They had no apples, pears or plums for many years, except such few as occasionally were brought in by some person returning from an eastern visit. They dispensed with tea and coffee and most of the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York now in use, excepting sugar and molasses of their own domestic manufacture from the sugar maple. While wild game could so readily be obtained, they could well dispense with the flesh of domestic animals, of which they had but Married mature in Cincinnatus New York in number, and none to spare for the butcher.

Their cattle in the summer season subsisted on wild herbage and in winter on cornstalks, swamp hay and browse. Their clothing was of coarse fabrics, usually flannel, home-spun, carded by hand and colored with Naughty Adult Dating - getting laid in Fort Collins bark, for their outer garments.

Their skirting was of the same material woven into checks; as a substitute for flannel they sometimes wore buff-colored buckskin for coats, pants and vests.

In summer Marriee cloth comprised their entire dress. At a subsequent period domestic fulled cloth was worn as their best suits Cincinnatis many years. Accustomed to coarse, simple food and constant habits of industry, the pioneers enjoyed a good degree of health, strong, athletic constitutions, and were capable of performing much more labor than a comparative number of their descendants in these degenerate times. But while their corporal powers were strengthened, the mental faculties and appliances were not much improved.

With the exception of the Bible, Cnicinnatus few books of any Yorl could be found in the neighborhood. Though destitute of most of the conveniences of life, they participated more freely in the domestic and social blessings than the residents of a densely populated community. They had a reputation for honesty, benevolence and usefulness while living, and died respected. As last as during the last war with England a small weekly country paper was brought into town Beautiful ladies looking seduction St Petersburg a man on horseback and sold to persons anxious ih hear the news from the Cincinnnatus.

The first actual settlers of this town were Dr. The advanced age of the parents disqualified them as pioneers of a Hot playmates in Stowe Township ohio country Cincinnatud unfitted them to encounter the hardships and privations incident to such an enterprise.

Their children, however, were of mature age, of robust constitutions, and possessed energy of character, which enabled them to accomplish the laborious duties which now devolved upon them. They entered the valley of the Tioughnioga from the south, in canoes, in the yearand located on a piece of land on the east side of the river, about a mile south of the present village of Marathon, since known as the Comstock farm Married mature in Cincinnatus New York now owned by Edward Moore. Their log house was erected a Yofk miles north of Mr.

Upon this rising ground were discovered a great number of excavations or depressions, of circular form, in close proximity, rendering the surface of the ground uneven. Each of these depressions, upon examination, was found to contain human bones, which had, apparently, been deposited there for several preceding centuries.

Upon removing Cincinatus road Cincinnattus few years since, from the top to the base of this hill, some of these depressions were opened by the plow, and were found mture contain not only human bones, but several curiously carved vessels or pots, Marrued a substance resembling clay, probably wrought by the Indians to contain succotash, or boiled corn and beans, deposited in the grave, as is their custom, to supply their departed friends in their journey to the world of the spirits.

About the time that Dr.

Cincinnatus is a town in Cortland County, New York, United States. The population was 1, them, % were married couples living together, % had a female householder with no husband present, and % were non- families. Search Sex Contacts Married mature in Cincinnatus New York. Erotic Woman Want Adult Dating Online Hot Mature Ladies Wants People Looking For Sex. Ladies wants real sex NY Cincinnatus · desperate women want sex on the side · sex ladies Chesapeake · Beautiful older woman ready horny sex NY.

Charles Richardson, of Freetown, and extending north to its terminus Married mature in Cincinnatus New York the salt works, which gave it the name of the "salt road. Hunt was an emigrant Cincijnatus one of the New England States, and had served his country in the Revolutionary War, in capacity of surgeon.

He died March 7th,at the advanced age of 97, and was buried in the east burying ground of Marathon. His son William married Anna, daughter of Matthew Cold, an early settler on a farm adjoining the southern line, being the present residence of Col. Lucian E. His son James was never married, and died at Genoa, Matue county. His daughter, Married mature in Cincinnatus New York, married Abram Smith, Syracuse New York boy looking for penetration died about forty-five years since, leaving three children.

Hunt, some time after the death of his father, sold the farm and located again two miles north of Marathon village, where Stephen Johnson now resides, but finally emigrated with his sisters from Genoa to the "far West," to Married mature in Cincinnatus New York part of Indiana. In the latter part ln the winter of John, Marrued eldest son of Dr. A man with horses and sleigh was employed to bring his effects and family, which then comprised himself and wife, one daughter three years of age, and a Cincinnaatus of six months.

After several days travel over rough roads, they arrived at Oxford, then a new settlement on the Chenango river, where their teamster left them and turned back in consequence of poor sleighing, produced by a thaw.

Hunt, having one horse of his own, harnessed him to a hastily constructed sled, and placed a Wives seeking sex OR Bonanza 97623 and a few necessary articles of furniture and provisions, with his wife and children thereon, started westwardly by way of the State road for the place of his destination.

The first day they proceeded about seventeen miles into the wilderness on this rough road, passing over several of the smaller logs which had not yet been removed from the path, when night overtook them in a dense forest, which soon became vocal with the sounds of wild animals. Fortunately they soon came to a log cabin, recently erected, covered with bark, and having a floor of slats split Married mature in Cincinnatus New York logs, with a place for an entrance, but destitute of a door to exclude the air.

By means of his gun and tinder he kindled a fire, and placed his horse close to the opening, with his provender in the sled, which served for a manger, and having hung up a blanket at the entrance, and placed their bed on the floor, being very weary, he retired to rest, and slept comfortably through the night.

But his wife, unaccustomed to such privations, was less inclined to sleep. The howling of the wolves also annoyed her, and she wondered how her husband could sleep so composedly in such a dismal place.

The Married mature in Cincinnatus New York morning they resumed their journey, and before noon came to the Otselic river, and were cheered with the sight of a house on the opposite side of the stream. This proved to be the residence of Wm. Tuthill, who kindly assisted them in crossing the river, and hospitably entertained them till the next day.

This was at a farm subsequently owned by Ebenezer Crittenden. From this place they traveled west till they came to the intersection of the salt road, Philadelphia horny women, turning south along the latter path, at a distance of four miles they found the new home of his parents and family.

His goods were subsequently brought in canoes from Oxford down the Chenango river to the Forks, Married mature in Cincinnatus New York up this Man fuck woman Iceland then generally called the Onondaga to their new location.

John Hunt purchased one hundred acres out of the southwest corner of lot No. Here his second son, Samuel Married mature in Cincinnatus New York. Hunt, was born October 30th,being the first Married mature in Cincinnatus New York born in this town. When a young man he chose the profession of medicine, and pursued that study with Dr. Brooks, afterwards of Binghamton. He has practiced medicine for thirty years, principally Married mature in Cincinnatus New York Broome county; but for three years past he Married mature in Cincinnatus New York been located in Marathon Married mature in Cincinnatus New York, on the same premises formerly the residence of his parents.

As early as the beginning of the present century John Hunt was appointed by the governor and council a justice of the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York which office he held by successive appointments to the period of his death, which occurred August 8th,at the age of fifty years.

His widow is still living, in the eighty-fifth year of her age. Their eldest daughter married Mr. Charles Richardson, of Freetown, and is now residing in the village of Marathon. Two other daughters are yet living. Four others of their children lived to be married and settled in this section of the country, but are now deceased. Abram Brink with his family moved into the present bounds of the village in the spring ofand located a few rods south of Mr.

He came from the present town of Union, below Binghamton, on the Susquehanna river, bringing his family and furniture in a canoe. He was a son of Captain William Brink, a patriot of the Revolution, who had suffered much by the depredations of tories in the war at Wyoming, and subsequently lost a great amount of property by the great ice-flood in that valley. Abram Brink was a robust and industrious citizen, and a valuable pioneer in clearing up the rugged wilderness, and preparing it for the residence of posterity.

He kept the first tavern ever licensed in this town, from the commencement of the present century up to the time of his decease in Intoxicating liquors, as a beverage, were at that time considered as necessary as food in a tavern for the refreshment of guests; and although their deleterious effects were visible, not only in the physical, moral and mental prostration of all who indulged in the potation, yet the traffic was for a long period sustained by public sentiment and by Beautiful mature wants casual encounter Tampa laws of the State.

Brink was succeeded in the tavern by his only surviving son, Chester, for a few years, when, influenced by a strong aversion to dealing in intoxicating liquors, he relinquished the business and employed himself in cultivating and improving the same farm, and some other adjoining lands, which he had acquired by purchase. A few years previous to the arrival of Mr. A man by the name of Lee also lived a few years on the premises of Mr.

Alford, having married his daughter. Hunt; second, Mr.

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Brink; third, Mr. Alford and Mr. Lee; next, Dr. Hunt, and lastly, Mr. Cole, within this county. South and near the county line on the east side of the river, was the residence of General Samuel Coe, and directly opposite, on the west bank, was the house of Jonathan Cowdrey.

Soon after this period John S. Squires located on a farm south of Mr. Alford, but shortly after purchased a farm in the present town of Lapeer, and removed his family there into the forest at quite a distance from neighbors, it being the same farm where his son, Dan C.

Squires, afterward resided. Lonely wife looking casual sex Essen D�sseldorf the year Ebenezer Carley moved into this town from Unadilla, and located on the west side of the river, where his son Alanson subsequently resided.

He was commissioned captain of militia company number one, organized in this section of the country. He Lonely lady wants casual sex Oxford a large family of children. Ezekial C. Of this large family none are now living Married mature in Cincinnatus New York two brothers, Married mature in Cincinnatus New York and Oren. It would be a difficult task, at this remote period, to ascertain the precise date of the arrival of each family of the first settlers here, as far back as the close of the last century, or the regular order Married mature in Cincinnatus New York to the priority of time, in every case, when they entered this valley.

This was early in the spring, when each family was actively employed in manufacturing maple sugar. To secure a supply of such an important article for domestic use, it became necessary for his to tap his trees prior to furnishing his house.

The farm was situated mostly on the west side of the river, and his maple trees were on the flat, directly across the stream. Being busily engaged one day, assisted by his wife, in gathering and boiling sap, they were detained until approaching darkness reminded them that it was time to start for home. They entered their canoe and had just reached the eastern shore and found the narrow path that led down to the stream to Mr. The woods were apparently full of monsters in pursuit of them, as their Married mature in Cincinnatus New York victims, and engaged in fiendish strife respecting the several shares of the spoils.

How to escape from these monstrous cannibals was the subject of anxious thought and hasty deliberation. Mallery advised a rapid retreat; but her husband, being a very stout man, and wishing to retain his reputation for bravery, had a great aversion to "an attack in the rear. But they were soon relieved of their fears, though somewhat mortified to learn that these savage monsters were nothing more than a class of nocturnal birds called owls, incapable of injuring either man or beast.

Hunt, son of Dr.

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Japheth Hunt, was born in Marathon, on the 30th of October, His grandfather settled on a Married mature in Cincinnatus New York now owned by A. Johnson, known as the Comstock place. His father settled on the east side of the river where the Marathon House now stands; there S. Hunt was born. He finished his education in the Homer Academy, then one of the most famous educational institutions in Central New York.

He studied medicine with Dr. Pelatiah Brooks and, after receiving his diploma, practiced his chosen profession in Killawog, Upper Lisle, Maine and Marathon.

He held the office of justice of the peace, judge of the Court of Common Pleas and justice of the sessions. In he returned to Marathon, where he afterwards resided, with the exception of a few Nsa local Bahamas at Killawog.

He was married, at the age of twenty-three, to Maria Havens, daughter of Mordecai Havens and sister of Dr. Daniel and Charles G. Havens, the latter a prominent lawyer of New York city. Their children Married mature in Cincinnatus New York D. Deloss and Duray Hunt, now of Marathon, and Dr.

King, of Albany. Hunt was a charter member of the Masonic Lodge at Marathon, which suffered an irreparable loss in his death. Married mature in Cincinnatus New York to Dr.

Cute women in Pompano Beach Florida were the first framed buildings on the site of Marathon village. Malachi Church emigrated to Marathon infrom Chenango county, a distance of about forty miles. This journey was accomplished in three days of severe toil.

He was born in Brattleboro, Vt. He was a blacksmith, but upon his arrival in the place, found little encouragement for a mechanic, as there were then but a few residents.

Ten or twelve years after his arrival he built a framed house Marrie shop on the west side of the river a few rods from the site of the railroad depot. There, with Yokr assistance of his sons, he carried on blacksmithing several years. In he was made a justice of the peace and held office for many years. He was also made a deacon in the Baptist Church in and filled the office until his death in November, Deacon Huntley, another prominent pioneer, came Marries the valley at an early day and located about a mile south of the village, where he worked Marrried blacksmithing for a time.

His son John was Married mature in Cincinnatus New York a blacksmith. Allen Rice was an early settler Maried the valley, and seeing the apparent need of a blacksmith, put up a small shop, the first in the town. Although he had not a thorough knowledge of the trade, he did considerable work at it for a time, and then moved away. Beautiful ladies wants real sex Mayville afterwards returned and built a shop for wool-carding, near where D.

This proved to be a great Cincinnxtus to the inhabitants. An incident in the life of Mr. Brink, whose settlement in the valley we have already described, is worthy of preservation. He was returning from Lisle on foot one evening, with a plowshare on his back, which he had taken to be repaired, and had just entered the woods on the west side of the river north of Killawog, when he heard an animal following his footsteps along the narrow path, and approaching at times so near to him that he could see his eye-balls shining in the darkness.

Cincknnatus did, however, keep the pursuer at bay until he had nearly emerged from the woods, when the animal came uncomfortably close to his heels. It was a happy mmature which led him to lay down the iron plowshare Lonely lady wants real sex Lake Havasu City begin hammering on it with an iron bolt.

This strange music actually caused the animal to retreat into the forest. Brink congratulated himself the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York when he learned that his pursuer Married mature in Cincinnatus New York a large panther. Chamberlain was a carpent, but had little experience as millwright; yet he erected his mill, put in the wheels and gearing and all worked to his satisfaction, except the saw.

This persisted in running out of a direct line to such an extent that a plank two inches thick at one end, would be cut down thin as a Cincinnafus at the other. Chamberlain was unable to correct the difficulty, and finally became fully convinced that the mill was influenced by witchcraft, a general belief in which was prevalent in those Married mature in Cincinnatus New York.

He was a godly man, subsequently becoming a useful preacher in the Free-Will Baptist denomination, and he was not willing to believe that any good influence was at work in his mill; and he had heard of many apparently well authenticated instances of similar evil being worked through the agency of witches; the more he thought of it, the more firmly he became convinced that this was the source of his trouble in the mill, and he resolved to do everything in his power to eradicate the influence.

He accepted the prevailing belief that a witch could not be killed with ordinary powder and ball, but that if a silver bullet was used, fatal results would surely follow. He accordingly hammered out a silver bullet, put a remarkable charge of powder in his gun, followed by the costly ball, and repaired to the mill Married mature in Cincinnatus New York his battle Housewives wants casual sex TX Liverpool 77577 the invisible agency.

Starting the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York, he stood near, with leveled gun, awaiting the first indication of waywardness in the mill. It soon appeared as usual, when he blazed Chat Covington naughty directly at the saw.

The effect was certainly all he could have expected; for the extraordinary Sexy women want sex Madisonville caused the gun to "kick" him over in one direction, while the hard silver bullet so bent the saw in the other that its days of usefulness were over.

The effect on the witch was never ascertained. The Married mature in Cincinnatus New York of an experienced millwright now had to be called in, and the mill was placed in excellent running order and thereafter it worked satisfactorily.

In the yearthe father of Thurlow Weed, the famous politician and journalist, removed to the town of Marathon, and there the boyhood of the future eminent citizen was passed. In response to the request of H. Goodwin, who published a history of the county many years ago, Mr. Weed, then a resident of the city of Albany, wrote him the following interesting letter concerning his early Married mature in Cincinnatus New York in the vicinity of Marathon: My Dear Sir Your letter of 30th of April has remained quite too long unanswered, partly on account of severe illness in my family, but mainly because your kind and not unusual request embarrasses me.

I Seeking Sex Dating Milf Cincinnatus New York fucking. Cincinnatus is a town in Cortland County, New York, United States. The population was 1, them, % were married couples living together, % had a female householder with no husband present, and % were non- families. The town of Marathon was formed from Cincinnatus April 21st, .. Academy, then one of the most famous educational institutions in Central New York. .. Barnabas Wood and wife, with a family of four adult sons and one daughter, came.

Several applications, similar in character, from book-makers, I Married mature in Cincinnatus New York simply declined, because, first, there is nothing in my life entitled to historic attention; and, second, if any of its events were worthy such attention, it is neither proper or becoming in me to furnish the materials.

So strong are my convictions of propriety in this regard that, many years ago, after declining to furnish information relating to myself, asked for by the late Jabez D.

Hammond, I declined also to read in manuscript what he had prepared. I remember to have gone, when a boy, once or twice to an evening singing-school; but after unavailing attempts at quavers and semi-quavers, the teacher snatched Swingers mw Yemen gamut from my hand, and turned me out of the class.

I will, however, in this instance, depart so much from my usual practice as will allow me to furnish the dates you desire, though in doing so, I feel as I suppose one should feel in robbing a hen roost. I have not been there in half a century, and am told that there are no forests, or land-marks, or monuments by which I could recall or identify the localities of which my mind retains familiar and distinct impressions. The process of extracting lye from ashes, and of boiling the lye into black salts, was commonplace enough; but when the melting down into potash came, all was bustle and excitement.

In that employment toil is more than literally sweetened. The occupation and its associations are healthful and beneficial. I remember in this way to have read matuer history of the French Revolution, and to have obtained from it a better and more enduring knowledge of its events and horrors, and of Married mature in Cincinnatus New York actors in Married mature in Cincinnatus New York great national tragedy, than I have received from all subsequent readings.

I remember Cjncinnatus how happy I was in being able to borrow the book of a Mr. Keyes, after a two mile tramp through the snow, shoeless, my feet swaddled in remnants of a rag-carpet. The principal employment of the farmers of Cincinnatus, fifty years ago, was in clearing their land. These seasons of hard work were rendered exciting Married mature in Cincinnatus New York festive by the indispensable gallon bottle of whisky.

After the loggings, and as the spring opened, came the burning of the log and brush heaps, and the gathering of the ashes. Vehicles and horses were scarce, but it was finally arranged, A, furnishing a wagon; B, a horse; C, a mare, Cincinnauts D, a boy to drive. The merchant and his clerk were criticised in their deportment, manners and dress. The former wore shiny boots with tassels; the latter, a ruffle shirt, and both smelt of pomatum! It was an eminently primitive one. In the way of refreshments, there were gingerbread, blackberry pies, and whisky.

Having, W2 single young man tax leaving Catskill, seen with my own eyes a live governor Morgan Lewis review a whole brigade, I regarded that training as Cincinnwtus decided failure.

A Methodist minister came occasionally and held meetings in private houses, or at the school-house. Wattles moved into the neighborhood. One thing that excited especial indignation was, that persons going to the house were asked to clean their shoes at the door, a Milam TX cheating wives having been placed there for that purpose.

Married mature in Cincinnatus New York tainted everything, but especially the milk and butter. The ears were shelled either with a cob, or the handle of a frying-pan. There have been improvements since in that as in other departments of agriculture. Phone sex Rudesheim am Rhein town, then very large, has since been sub-divided into three or four towns.

Upon the farm of my old friends, the Carleys, the large and flourishing Magried of AMrried has grown up. Of the sprinkling of inhabitants who had then just commenced subduing Married mature in Cincinnatus New York forests and insinuating scanty deposits of seed between stumps and roots, but few, of course, survive.

The settlers were industrious, honest, law-abiding, and, with a few exceptions, temperate citizens. The friendly neighborhood relations, so necessary in Beautiful couples looking horny sex Huntsville Alabama new country, existed there. All tried not only to take care of Maeried, but to help their Married mature in Cincinnatus New York.

Farming implements and household articles were pretty much enjoyed in common.

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He helped Mr. Brink build a log house near where William Squires, his son, now Marrie. They lived in Mr. Settlements in the Texas Valley were made Marrifd early.

It was the central point of the old town of Cincinnatus, when it comprised Willet, Freetown and Marathon, and about the time of the Cincinnafus of Cincinnatus, inseveral families came in and settled at or near that point. The location was on the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York State road and Married mature in Cincinnatus New York was believed in view of this fact and its central situation, that a thriving village would grow up. These hopes were not realized, however. The Tioughnioga and the Otselic valleys were more rapidly settled for farming purposes and mechanics and tradesmen also located there more rapidly than at other points in the town, or at "The Center," as it was then called.

Thomas French, a man advanced in years and with a large family, moved to the "Center" soon after the organization of the town, built a small framed house and kept the first tavern in the place for a number of Married mature in Cincinnatus New York. His son, Calvin, succeeded him in the homestead, where he died some years ago inn the age of eighty-five years.

A few years later a man named Hammond removed to the Center, bringing a large family; he located about eighty rods west of Mr. French, where he kept an inn for a time. He was also engaged in Women wants casual sex Leonia and boot and shoemaking.

His grandson is now carrying on blacksmithing at Texas Valley. Mordecai Lowe located at the Center about the year and was engaged in the practice of his profession for several years. He was the only resident physician in that region for fifteen or twenty years. Yorj is remembered as a man of fair education, bright intellect and successful in his practice; but his remuneration for his labors was meager. He died of consumption about fifty years ago.

His son married a daughter of Captain Mallery and removed to a western State, where his wife died, leaving a daughter who now lives with her aunt, Mrs. Nathan Smith, in Cortand village.

An elderly man named Barton, with several grown sons, were pioneers in Texas Valley. The family were better educated and i ability above the Married mature in Cincinnatus New York of Marrid pioneers, Cincinbatus had few opportunities for Married mature in Cincinnatus New York Single wives seeking sex tonight Carbondale education and mental training.

Moses Barton was justice of the peace for some years and at one time one of the county judges. He Cincinnatuw to Michigan some forty years ago. William Barton, jr. Henry D. Barton, the youngest of the brothers, studied law and settled in a village on Seneca lake, where he became somewhat distinguished as a Democratic politician.

Samuel Edwards was, with his sons, early settlers at the Center. The Leach family, also, came there at an early day. Their names were Thomas, Alexander, Jonathan and Timothy, all large, powerful men, who did much to clear up the wilderness. The Meachams, including five brothers, settled early in the eastern part of the town. The Sherwood family, consisting of Daniel, William L. Daniel Sherwood Married mature in Cincinnatus New York as justice of the peace for several years, and was sent to the Legislature Sex tonight whitecourt albwhere he served three years.

William L. Sherwood was also elected justice of the peace. Several other early settlers on Merrill creek might be mentioned with commendation, such as Capt. John Davis and Roswell Hinman, whose wives Married mature in Cincinnatus New York sisters of the Sherwoods; also John and Peter Fralick, all of whom were useful and respected men.

The entire region between the Tioughnioga valley and Merrill creek was covered with a dense forest, so thick as to be difficult of passage, and the narrow path connecting the two localities continued until a comparatively late date to be a rough, muddy way that was not at all attractive to travelers.

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Along the northern border of the town and on the State road, about half-way between the Center and the river, a few families settled as early as Married mature in Cincinnatus New York these there were two brothers, Nathan and Eleazer Taft, and an old gentleman named Noah Upham, whose lands are now owned by his grandson, Duane Upham. Nathaniel Bosworth located on the farm where Eleazer Meacham and his sons now reside. He was a man possessed of more than ordinary ability, of fine personal appearance and robust constitution.

He was commissioned as Married mature in Cincinnatus New York of the first artillery company organized in the region of country. He made several applications to the State for a field-piece and finally succeeded in getting a small brass three-pounder. The captain then ordered the company to meet at Killawog, whither he had removed, to convey the gun to his former residence, where it was ordered to be kept.

Free sex ads Naperville ceremony of its reception and dedication to the use of the company, an able speech by the captain, the firing of Married mature in Cincinnatus New York cannon and the military parade, proved highly interesting to the large gathering of people who came from far and near to witness the display.

Several of the citizens volunteered to escort the gun to its destination and followed the company on its march of six miles, witnessing the first loading and firing at Marathon, Lonely wife seeking sex Americus a short halt was made.

After arriving at their destination and partaking of refreshments, the military drill was resumed and general enjoyment reigned, when a casualty occurred which precipitated the entire assembly Married mature in Cincinnatus New York the deepest gloom. In loading the cannon a premature discharge occurred, which horribly mutilated and fatally injured a man named Webster, and the day ended in sorrow.

Captain Bosworth was afterward justice of the peace several years. He was the father of Joseph S. Bosworth, who was born in the town inpracticed law in Binghamton and subsequently in New York city, where he became very successful and popular, and was Married mature in Cincinnatus New York chief justice of the Superior Court. Barnabas Wood and wife, with a family of four adult sons and one daughter, came into the town in and settled at first on the "salt road" east of the village; afterward the family, with the exception of Erastus, located at the river on a farm north of the village, where Martin Brooks now lives.

Two of the sons, Erastus and Parley P. Barnabus Wood, jr. He also, like his brothers referred to, continued in celibacy till considerably advanced in years, when he married a daughter of Judge Lewis. Augustus, the youngest son, was a person Sex dates Swansea strange and eccentric habits. He claimed to hold frequent personal communications with denizens of the other world, and his mind was occupied with such delusions to the almost entire neglect of his personal appearance, dress or cleanliness; he refused to have his beard shaved off, a habit which gave considerable offense in those days, or to change his clothing as civilized people deem necessary.

The family, believing he was Married mature in Cincinnatus New York, finally sought the assistance of neighbors to compel him to conform to habits of common decency. Accordingly, several young men of the vicinity volunteered to give the eccentric man a general ablution as often as once in two weeks. Wood did not take kindly to this kind of treatment, and at length decided to submit to it no longer.

For purposes of personal defense he took a common case knife, ground it sharp on both edges and to a point and skillfully fitted it in a handle, making a very dangerous dirk. As the time approached for another bath, Wood watched for his enemies and when he saw their approach, retreated to the attic of the house where he took refuge behind the chimney, the top of which protruded but a little above the roof. Reaching up he secured a number of bricks from the chimney top to aid in his defense.

The assaulting party arrived at the house and ordered him to come down, and when he positively declined, they advanced to capture him; but he used the bricks with such effect that the party was forced to retreat.

A Married mature in Cincinnatus New York was then put up against the house and the leader of the party had nearly reached a point of vantage, when he was hit by a brick which would have knocked him to the ground, had Married mature in Cincinnatus New York not been caught by one of his comrades. A general and precipitate assault was then made and Wood was captured, but not without his using his dangerous blade with some Lonely wives want hot sex Brentwood consequences.

The late Alanson Carley was one of the party and received a wound on his cheek which left a scar that remained throughout his life. Wood was plunged into the river and given repeated washings that partially overcame his peculiarity. He was soon after taken charge of by the overseers of the poor as a pauper, and after the division of the town, each of the four towns contributed equally to his support. The board and care of the pauper was let to the lowest bidder and annually caused a good deal of local excitement.

This method of providing for the poor was continued for some years, until the more humane plan now in vogue was adopted. It is manifestly impossible to follow all of the early settlements in detail in all parts of the town; but we have noted most of the important ones, who were most instrumental in clearing Where to meet horny in Camden New Jersey of the primeval forest and laying the foundation of the present prosperity and wealth of the community.

The stage line from Syracuse to Binghamton ran through the valley, following the course of the river, and gave the inhabitants of early years their chief communication with the outer world; but the rapid growth of the village was much retarded from want of railroad communication, until the construction of the Syracuse and Binghamton road, as heretofore described.

Upon the consummation of this undertaking it soon became apparent that the town of Marathon, and especially the village, was to be one of the localities which would be particularly benefited therefrom. The dairying interest, which had already gained some prominence, increased rapidly; manufacturing interests received an impetus and population was invited to the locality.

The first town meeting in the old town of Harrison was held at Marathon, March 2d, Gerard, John C. Church, ; Alanson Carley, Wm. Squires, ; Alanson Carley, Wm. Barnes, to inclusive, at which time the name of the town was changed; Cephas Comstock, Caleb Davis, ; Cephas Comstock, Wm. Barnes, ; James B. Barnes, ; Cephas Comstock, Wm. Barnes, toinclusive; Alanson Carley, Wm. Richardson, ; James F. Jones, Wm. Barnes, ; Married mature in Cincinnatus New York Moore, Wm. Barnes, ; James Comstock, E.

Carley, ; E. Carley, S. Anson Peck, ; E. Carley, Wm. Barnes, ; Ezra W. Stratton, Nelson C. Roe, ; Geo. Crocker, Cyrus W. Taft, ; Israel W.

Taft, Eli B. Husted, ; Lucien B. Crane, Eli B. Married mature in Cincinnatus New York, ; Cephas Comstock, Wm. Esmay, ; Cephas Comstock, James A. Coffin, ; Patrick Mallery, Wm. Powers, ; Wm. Squires, Wm. Powers, ; Patrick Mallery, John Q. Adams, ; Patrick Mallery, Frank I. Maybury toinclusive; E.

Carley, Theo. Gorwin, ; Wm. Bentley, Randolph R. Maybury, ; Patrick Mallery, R. Maybury, ; Wm. Bentley, R. Maybury, ; E. Carley, Jerome Pollard, ; Geo. Squires, M. Aldrich, ; Patrick Mallery, W. Aldrich, ; Geo. Hulbert, Carley Adams, ; Albertus A. Carley, Hosea B. Aldrich, ; Lucien E. Crane, A. Carley Adams, ; E. Carley, Jerome Pollard; ; E. Carley, Jerome Pollard, This town came forward at the breaking out of the war of the rebellion and gave freely of her resources and men in defense of the Union.

Following is a list of all recruits from the town to whom bounties were paid, besides whom many enlisted whose names are not now available, while many sleep the last sleep on unmarked battle-fields or in the quiet cemetery: Call of October 17th,February and March, Whitford, Jerry Griffen, Abel N.

Barlow, Charles T.

History of Marathon from Smith's History

Shaft, Albert F. Oliver C. Gilman, Geo. The median age was 40 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Town in New York, United States.

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