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Need company for lightning storm

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We have witnessed several instances where computers and modems have lighhning damaged, by storm activity - including melted circuit boards and internal fires.

Voltage spikes are transitory, higher than normal line voltage fluctuations, which can be caused by thunder storms, Neeed by just about any electrical equipment you use in the house, particularly high current devices, such as refrigerators, generators, electric tools, Need company for lightning storm and pumps.

These devices can cause large electrical spikes on the mains power line, as they are switched on and off.

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We can supply one if you wish. Brown-outs are lower than normal line voltages, causing power starvation to the electrical device. In other words, your computer doesn't get enough power, and this compayn damage it.

Brown-outs are not generally transitory but can last from a few seconds to minutes. You can buy specialized power supplies that monitor the line voltage fluctuations, and when the power goes off, or has a serious fluctuation, the power supply kicks Need company for lightning storm and supplies power to the computer via a battery backup system.

This sort of device is much more expensive, and is generally used by larger businesses, corporations and government departments to protect their important computers, and computer systems from damage.

A meltdown is a direct hit by a lightning strike, if this happens because of the Need company for lightning storm voltages and currents ccompany, normal suppressors won't do much, but there are a couple of things that will help a great deal. Turn your computer off, and also disconnect it foor the wall socket and disconnect the router from the telephone line and electricity socket. I do this whenever we have a thunder storm.

Power surges and voltage spikes can also come through the telephone line during storm activity! That's why phone companies have warnings in their literature not to use the phone during storms.

This advice applies to all sensitive electrical equipment not just computers. Check your insurance policy as to what cover you are given for lightning damage. A lot of insurance companies limit your cover calling it an 'act of God'.

Theoretically you might be safe to use someone else's WiFi e. Tablet, Phone, Laptop on battery.

This website uses cookies to help us improve your experience. By using our website you accept our Privacy Policy and use of cookies. Should I use eNed computer during a thunder storm?

You should always turn your computer and router off during thunder storms Computers can be sensitive to power comany interference, and thunder storms can cause lighfning voltage spikes, brown-outs and melt-downs We have witnessed several instances where computers and modems have been damaged, by storm activity - including melted circuit boards and internal fires.

Easykey recommends that you switch off and unplug from the electrical mains. Also unplug your broadband router from the mains and Need company for lightning storm the telephone line.

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What if the computer is not plugged in? Case How scammers use sub-domains How to spot an email scam Malware, Spyware and Scareware You've received a postcard from a family member!

Your friend has sent you an ecard from Yahoo! Say Thank You Has somebody at Easykey impressed you? All Rights Reserved.