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Need fun loyal laidback friends

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I am not married, I do not have a gf, but father duties, and work take up most of my time.

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Being an introvert can mean a lot of different things. When it comes to choosing a best furry friend, an introspective personality bonds best with a like-minded dog.

These are the dogs that, instead of rushing up to every stranger they see, hang back and stick close to their people. If you regularly choose the comfort and quiet of your couch over big parties, these dog breeds would love to keep you company.

A more likely course of action is for your Greyhound to take liyal after perceived prey following their instinct as a sighthound. A sweet temperament is included as a breed standard, Looking for a amputee lady these big dogs make devoted companions to the people who train them, exercise with them, and spend Need fun loyal laidback friends most time by their sides.

Known for being friendly toward people, a Shiba Inu is most comfortable with one special person.

They tend to bond closely with their primary caregiver and behave nonchalantly around everyone else. Lazy, goofy, and laid-back are the best words to describe the average Basset Hound.

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They have huge lqidback, adorably droopy eyes, and short legs supporting long bodies. When trained for scent work, these hound dogs are usually bested only by the Bloodhound.

A weekend spent on the couch binge watching Animal Planet is their idea of a good time. Full of sass and charm, Chihuahuas choose their favorite people and stick to them.

Another small and loyal dog breed is the Pug. These compact, sturdy little dogs were bred specifically to be human companions. Known for being one of the most loyal dog breeds out there, the Akita is an introvert in her own right.

Once they get over the impressive gracefulness of your dog, a Malamute is a great dog breed for introverts. Need fun loyal laidback friends can even use him as an effective buffer in potentially awkward social situations. A GSD will be a true friend and stand proudly beside the person who earns their trust and respect.

While not overly clingy, German Shepherds will always prefer to be near their family.

Want to add a dog to your family, but don't want to bite off more than you can chew? the American Kennel Club characterizes as “easygoing, laid-back, and with active types and homebodies — they can be loyal hiking partners or may just veer in that person's direction, anxious to make a new friend.”. For those who enjoy more of a laidback lifestyle, a loyal bulldog might . of the most popular breeds in the country for their upbeat, fun-loving attitudes. This Baby and His Family's Rescue Dog Have the Sweetest Friendship. It could be that small talk is best avoided, a small group of close friends is The ideal dog breeds for introverts are loyal and don't need a lot of outside attention. These dogs are clowns at heart, and you'll have fun simply watching your dog.

These little hound dogs, with their big eyes and floppy ears, are a good balance for people who prefer solitude. Living with a Beagle will mean taking regular walks and always having an eye out for mischief.

But if you really want a dog who will be happy and calm in most situations, dog breeds have the most easygoing, calm, and laid-back personalities. Similarly, the AKC characterizes the Bullmastiff as affectionate, brave, and loyal. As the AKC explains, “They are funny little dogs that like to please their. MySingleFriend is the only online dating site that puts your friends in charge of your profile. See what you have in common with others at a glance. You're in. If you have young children in your home, it's important to choose a Which furry friend will be the pawfect addition to your family? comical, the Labrador makes a fun addition to the family with a great sense of humour and adventure. or adventures, Borders are more laid back than most terrier breeds.

Even within breeds, every dog is an individual. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful companions, and they typically bond closely to people.

Check out your local shelter or find a breed rescue organization to find the perfect dog for your personality. DogTimeAKC.

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