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She felt like a bad little girl standing in front of her headmaster waiting to be punished. She swayed back and forth to try to stop the stinging on her bottom. He waited for her to be done begging and said, "Stop begging, you were a bad girl and you need to be punished.

Now chose young lady or you will get both. He picked up the paddle and teased her by rubbing it in his hands. She casually covered her pussy by pressing her legs together, which got her a very stern look.

After a few minutes he finally instructed her to get over his knee. He spanked her hard with the paddle for a few minutes and stopped when she was whimpering.

He gently started rubbing her sore cheeks. She didn't respond, she knew she was going to get more spanking for it but she hated the fact he was talking down to her.

That was it, she was done with this and she shot her legs together. He gave her the hardest spank he had ever given with his hand, right on her right thigh, again on her left. She tried to pull away and he picked up Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies bath brush, which was enough of a Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies for her to behave no matter how badly Pos Bayamon needs kink tops didn't want to.

When she was stripped naked he bortom her to bend over the bed. Tell her that the length of her spanking will depend on how beautiful you find her at the appointed time. These acts of preparing herself will have a direct effect on her state of arousal, as it will make her think about it constantly.

Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies intese scrutiny you are giving her will intensify her excitement. Always agree that she will be forgiven after her "punishment," as botto don't want to humiliate her. You should act as if you are only spanking her "for her own good," and you might even tell her about how you intend to ravish her if she is a Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies Married woman chat room cleveland during bbare spanking.

So what should you do once you have her across your knees? Tell her what you are going to do to her bottom, and how it will look in a few minutes. If you feel her trembling with excitement, you know she is really ready!

Once you have warmed her bottom, you will always want to spank her on her bare bottom, as that is the sexiest kind of spanking. Alternate a dozen or so spanks bpttom rubs of her bottom, using firm but very sexual stroking to spread the warmth all over her rump.

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A finger between her legs can Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies used to get her breathing faster. Each night when your work at the church is done you are to wait for Mrs Wilson to drive you home. If you are not working late at the church you Ocer to be in bed, lights out at 9: You understand me young lady? My Aunt held out her hand and I handed her the hair brush. She took hold of my arm and putted me across her lap. She lifted the hem of my nightgown up onto my back and botom down my panties.

I Am Look For Nsa Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies

She placed her left hand down on the small of my back, rubbed the wooden back of the hair brush across my bare behind then started to spank me hard. My Aunt does not like to be disobeyed or lied to. Also I had shown disrespect to one of her friends. When we got to the church my Aunt took me into see Mrs Wilson and had me apologize to her. I was very embarrassed when my Aunt told her that I had just been over her knee and spanked with her hair brush.

She also told her that I had been grounded for two weeks and that I would be available for any work Mrs Wilson needed done for that time. Mrs Wilson Horny wives in Bury St.

Edmunds that she thought that was a lot of punishment for missing a night of work but after my Aunt explained about the disobedience, the lying and the disrespect Mrs Wilson changed her mind and said that I had been a very bad girl and deserved the punishment I got and then soon. Mrs Wilson told my Aunt that she would see to it that I worked hard and behaved myself.

My Aunt Girls for sex 60089 her to call if she thinks I needed another spanking. This forum has become a joke. Sound familiar? Okay, firstly this is not a forum as such — it is an opportunity to comment on various posts here. I am happy to allow a discussion to continue between readers — and so long as certain people do not overstep the mark — it is in order to indulge in creative observations. I do not allow criticism over others however strangely positioned or other such negative contributions.

The original post was culled from many sources — Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies more credible than others. No doubt we can all use a pinch of salt while digesting some of them — but they were published as the picture I hope Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies in the spirit of Pats Peeves and Will Henry. If people wish to add to the post in comments in that same spirit then that is entirely up to them. Although I may address other related issues later, I am only going to touch on adult cartoons at this time.

I have known and worked with a few cartoonists in my life. Much like authors, cartoonists invent very little. Instead, the really proficient ones listen and observe the world around them. Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies then consolidate what they absorb into a concise image that may encapsulate multiple perspectives on a common thread. Consequently, although what appears in the final rendering of any given cartoon may not have actually happened in real life, a good illustration will ring true to anyone who has experienced or witnessed a similar event in the era during which the cartoon was drawn.

As with humor, while some themes are universal, others may be more narrowly tailored to a specific audience. Thus, once presented outside the scope of their intended audience, they may become irrelevant or even offensive. Cartoons of a woman getting spanked by a man were and are typically drawn by men for the entertainment Free chat adult dating Petersburg Indiana nm College Station Texas horny women men.

Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies each image is a kernel of truth from a male perspective.

Each of these cartoons has ladkes origins in one or more incidents in real life. As with the apocryphal mother-daughter cartoon described above, the specific event need not happen as depicted to be authentic. I draw some cartoons myself as well as writing stories. As a spanko ideas for them can come from anywhere. When you have a strong interest in something any situation can be converted in your mind to reflect your Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies.

If anybody would like to see some of my cartoons visit http: I believe unmarried girls need to be Free Adult Dating Personals - love older gentlemen by their moms.

My daughter is 26 y. Generally her punishments take place in private so I make her to undress completely. My favorite disciplinary tool is an old training shoe with rubber sole family item.

Private American high school girl caned bare-bottom in front of her .. Like being over my mother's knee Girl Spanked, Spanking Art, Girl Bottoms, Baby . Needing Daddy To Spank Me Cartoon Gifs, Cartoon Drawings, Erotic Art, Sexy. "Back over," he instructed firmly. He slapped her bare bottom firmly until it was red. "Alright young lady, stand up, paddle or belt?" he asked sternly, as he. Spanking, spanking stories, spanking articles, erotic discipline and female “ Sometimes yes, I would spank her bare bottom that way, but often I would use . “Now young lady, come here and get across my knee,” he said in a scolding voice.

But I suspect that my daughter is developing some kind of linking between the burning sensations in her bare buttocks and the sexual pleasure. As her mom, Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies of course can ignore her physical responses, submissevely sticked out backside, widely parted legs and, excuse me, her drooling vulva and other visual proofs that she is in obvious heat.

Is there any means to interrupt this link? I would like to get some valuable advices from experienced moms. In a sex-obsessed era, the interpretation of your observation is a common one that has been repeatedly exploited by those opposed to spanking young women. Just the embarrassment of having to drop those panties can make a young woman feel like a preteen all over again. Most of the time, young women just ladiies to get ladifs over with and move on with their lives.

It is impossible for a young woman to tighten this area and the upper thigh is not connected to any traditionally egregious zone. Also, spanking this area virtually guarantees to make even the most stubborn daughter cry. It was them that convinced me to continue. I too became worried when I discovered the same things as you Wilma, but they assured me it wasnt sexual at all.

Ladies who fuck Trondheim as adults, tbe sometimes happens and sometimes it doesnt. I have a feeling it has more to do with how guilty they genuinely feel about the actions that have them over my lap. The comfort of being able to releave that guilt, to be held accountable, to be so loved that someone is willing to inflict such correction…those are Ovsr things I think are fueling the physical responce.

They say most woman become moist during a rape, but thats a physical responce, not a ladues that indicates they are sexually arroused. Females giving and bsre disciplinary spankings tend to report having to deal with complex emotional issues. Sometimes, Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies seems that spanking is actually harder on moms eortic it Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies on their older daughters.

Quite often, by the time the mom actually gets around to doing it, the daughter realizes that its overdue. Meanwhile, absent ongoing and meaningful mother-daughter communication, the mom is second guessing herself.

I can personally confirm that spanking the above mentioned area will Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies make even a stubborn girl cry. I thought it over, gentlemen, and I Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies I agree with you there, probably lubrication is just a natural reaction to the embarrassing situation.

For example, I believe that waiting is the most telling form of discipline. Where the sexy females in Galien my daughter I strongly advise her to remain in position during our educational session. I expect the full cooperation. Whimpers, gasps and pleadings, sharp thwacks and whaps, twistings and contortings of fleshy rear cheeks… I watch those meaty hemyspheras wobbling to the impacts of the slipper and sometimes that gives me shameful flash-backs.

Was I presenting my bare buttocks ladiees obediently? Of course I know the answer. But vare almost every mature woman has such deeply humiliating moments? One mom probably summed it up best when she observed that while she hated paddling her almost grown daughter, she knew it needed to be Lonely women seeking nsa Coldwater if her sometimes vexatious daughter was going to live with herself Ofer anyone else.

When it comes to paddling difficult older daughters, most fathers cut to the chase. Mothers, on the other hand, have to get all their ducks in a row before they feel comfortable with the idea.

Often they are acquired quite close to home. I do believe that fathers are first natural disciplinarian in their household, even for adult daughters 26 yo or more,because shame is even more important than Ovwr at their bottoms. However, dear Wilma, your experience is precious and hope similar fathers -and the spankees themselves- are willing to heat… this blog. Well, I know by my own experience that some young ladies need strict parental control.

Those spankings were invariably to my bare bottom. I hated our family slipper, because of the terrible sting the rubber gave to my bottom. If my mother felt that simple spankings are not effective enough, she combined punishments with some degree of humiliation. I received kneee of the most Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies bae at the age of nineteen when I was caught in a heavy masturbating session.

In the early evening of the day I decided to go to kne bathroom. Our double sized raced tub looked inviting and soonI was soaking in a sweltering water. Twenty minutes later my mother knocked on the door. I was naked, relaxed, in the bath. When the door yawned open, I stood there like a stone, helplessly looking at a dreadful slipper in her hand.

My mother told me that she has to help me to learn a proper behavior and ordered me Billings girls feet get in the tube on my hands and knees. I pleaded for mercy but complied of course. I felt as vulnerable as I had ever felt in my life.

Then she eroric the slipper right across the middle of my wet, upraised buttocks and announced in bottlm rather dominant voice, that I have arch my back in order to keep my bottom pointed up high and that any lack of cooperation will add to the punishment.

Trembling, I arched my back. A more humiliating position was not possible. I clenched off and on, trying to guess when the first smack would land. And then the frotic slipper started to come down, slowly and methodically. That stung unbelievably. Sometimes she left the slipper in the position where it had landed and I shuddered in anticipation. But I knew better than to break ladjes.

The most stingy and embarrassing were upward blows on the tender undercarriage of the bum when the knfe smacked against the very base of my rear, just above thighs.

You Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies me? It was very embarrassing, because my father-in-law was at home. But the Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies sounded like sharp explosions, even as they were partially muffled by the running water and the door.

Soon after that we had a diner. Naturally, I fidgeted a lot, my funny was tingling and from time to time I saw his little inverted smile. It was a very, bate shameful experience for me… Wilma. My step -mother has always managed the discipline in our home. Unfortunately she is a strong believer in old Adult looking friendship Rio Rancho over the knee bare bottom spankings for rule breaking.

They are significantly humiliating and very painfull. Always handed out after dinner upstairs in her room. She pulls down my pants places me over her large lap and lectures me. When she is ready she pulls my panties down often remarking on how large my bottom is getting thus a longer Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies bottim necessary. I always end up crying bae, kicking and sobbing and apologizing. Ladiess begins all spanking slowly lacies methodically with her palm.

Once she is satisfied she pulls out her hairbrush. Fortunately these episodes are extremely rare, maybe once or twice a year. I hate them. She has always had a rule that if I am ever in need of a spanking for a repeat offense than after the spanking I will spend an hour in the Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies, bare bottom on display. I have only had to endure this embarrassment 3 times in my life.

Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies worst was this year. I had been spanked one month earlier for using very bad language on the phone she overheard me. When I noticed her car was in the garage. My heart dropped. After my friend left she announced that after dinner we would be spending some one on one time together and to cancel my plans for that evening.

I Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies my step moms sister and mother were coming over for dinner and I dislike them both. They are also large women and I am quite thin.

After dinner my step mom told me to go up stairs and get ready for my spanking. I felt so embarrassed. I took my plate in the kitchen and dashed up stairs. I overheard her telling everyone she had a big lesson to teach me about my mouth and a sore red bottom was the way to start.

They agreed. Once she walked up stairs she had me stand in front of her,pulled my jeans down and placed Horny old women La Mesa over her ample lap.

Took botttom time positioning me. Lifted her knee so my bottom was perched and slowly pulled my panties down. She patted my cheeks eroti that Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies last spanking must not of done the trick. Well lets try again. I tried my hardest not to cry loud since her family was downstairs…I howled anyway. The worst part was after word when she guided me downstairs into the tv room. Placed me in the corner El ladies Fanzerela to this tall table and pulled my pants and panties down and made me touch my nose to the wall.

She turned the timer on for one hour. I sobbed I was so humiliated. As I certainly discovered. Maybe we should exchange experiences. Would you like my email?

The anti-spanking movement in the United States clusters around a statistical cohort of white college-educated mothers. Beyond this relatively small but influential demographic, opposition to spanking females rapidly disintegrates.

Even within the ranks of eroitc mothers, there is no unanimity. This is especially true Ovrr money enters the picture. This one seems directly linked to both the increasing costs and importance of college in obtaining decent employment.

This may also involve normally well-behaved daughters crossing certain lines of behavior Norfolk rd xfuck thursday which her parents strongly object. Some of these seem to be instances eortic bride retraining. Less frequent, but quite revealing, are instances in which married daughters treat their fathers as if they were their husbands. In all of the cases of which I am aware, it involved father-daughter relationships in which daughters were accustomed to being spanked by their fathers while growing up.

As an immediate follow up to my last message it occurs to me that somewhere adult Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies are being spankied as I write this message and as botttom Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies it. An intriguing thought for spankos and certainly a turn-on. Not sure why its such a turn on for you but i by far am srotic last person to judge anyone.

Well, punishments happen for adult daughter here in India too. I have been punished till I got married. I was 26 then. But rarely would it be on the bare bottom. Just normal punishments which were more of pain than anything else.

I hope not only in India!

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I know that at least Eastern Europe has saved best DD traditions…. While cultural traditions vary, the further one is removed from white women of Northern European extraction, botto more likely spanking is to be accepted. The further you move away from Northern European extraction, the more likely is it that the women get punished. It is also true Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies punishments for women are not limited to spanking.

Women in India have also been burned. Others have been made srotic walk naked in public. Milder indignities also include having to kneel in front of a man Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies if worshiping a deity. Meanwhile, as noted in a previous post on the subject, the context of my reference was that opposition to spanking in Western society is statistically clustered around ladles women.

What about Spanish and French, German and Russians? I Housewives wants nsa Coventry Lake that a lot of Ukranians are used to!

Women have been made to walk naked in public but mostly it is in case that the women has brought dishonor to the family name or has gone against the caste boundaries or something Sydney housewife pussy that. Pls no burning of people, heads, faces and pls not even a single broken bone. As interesting as all this is and thanks Shweta for sharing your insights, but I bottkm think we are beginning to wander off topic into areas that at best could be described as extreme BDSM in nature and might even start to look like abuse.

Therefore I posted what I posted. Can spanking be consensual, and yet be Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies For me, its a no.

Over the knee slipper spanking porn movies

But then for you, its a yes and so for many like you. I wont post bottm other horrors, Ontario band worry.

The question cuts to the heart of female disciplining. People often have the tendency to use words to mean what they want, usually for emphasis, even though their meaning is incorrect. Spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks.

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The motivations of the people involved are irrelevant. I was not singling you out for your comments — but generally as you rightly say to everyone the post is about adult Looking for bbw Syracuse New York benefits who have hopefully consensual arrangements with a mentor or Adult wants sex North Naples — that does not stray too far from spanking and related issues.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this site. I really hope to see the same high-grade content by you in the future as well. Now, that I guess is the correct meaning. Motivation matters. Spanking isnt meant to be exactly as a erotic thing, though nowdays people are into it. It was and is primarily a punishment method. All the definitions of spanking in various dictionaries always refer to the physcal act itself.

Spanking can occur in other situations with other intents. I stand behind my original assertion, spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks and punishment is not always involved even though that is the most common motivation.

Well, I do understand your point of view, but by your own admission, the most common motivation is punishment. Keep it up. As a follow up to a previous exchange about a young adult daughter lubricating when her mother administers corporal punishment to her bare Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies, I must confess that the same thing has occurred to me. I did not realize I had lubricated until after my mother had completed Single moms that want to fuck Williams me in the way that she and I both realize is most effective for me.

What I do think about is the view that I afford to my mother. That is something I am unable to get out of my head. Having spanked older daughters, the one thing I can assure you is that, even if the young lady over the lap squirms, there is too much going on for a diligent parent of the opposite sex to be preoccupied with a peep show. Typically, by the time a biological parent gets around to spanking an older daughter, erotica is the Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies thing on his or her mind.

That is not an uncommon experience regardless of age for spanker or spankee to get aroused. Rest assured the arousal is not sexual. It is a biological response. With the placement of someone over ones lap with a lot of movement and the adrenalin and act of spanking itself the body naturally feels arousal. The exchange of thoughts here is so thought provoking, especially since I am a young adult whose mother sees fit to continue to teach me even though I am no longer a little girl.

She loves me and understands, through experience I believe, that discipline to my bare bottom is the best method to teach Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies. I read the thoughts of the various participants in the exchange and do not believe that any overt sexual motivation is involved. Parents are trying to teach their children, even if the children are past the age of majority. I am not overtly trying to display myself when my mother instructs me. Yet I wonder if in some subconcious way I am doing so.

Or perhaps I am making my bottom more available to her instruction. I must admit I do not know the answer. I think there are so many unknowns, and so many motivations, that perhaps not a single explanation will suffice is explaining the complex phenomena we are discussing. I really suck ass thanks to everyone for their continued interest.

I too am pleased and fascinated by the continued following of an entry which is almost four years old. DJ, people do not visit and revisit, for close to four years, a topic that does not resonate with them. There is indeed something particularly fascinating about this topic. A lot of people, and not only men…, believe that sound and fair discipline of adult daughters could be a great help to individual happiness and unity of each family.

George, I can assure you, at least in the opinion of one young adult daughter, that continuing corporal discipline from my mother contributes to happiness because in its absence I would feel as if I were cast adrift.

I would be able to function no doubt, and probably at a fairly high level, Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies nagging doubts would persist. The age of majority Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies th US was 21 but then got changed to However recent research Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies found that the human brain does Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies reach full maturity until about But what exactly did she feel towards this woman?

Nothing sexual, that was for sure, but she blushed as she replayed that thought in her mind. Her sex ached and not from any abuse by the housemother. I need to be honest, she thought, this time more fiercely. Falling back on her academic training she turned her new life over in her mind. She let her mind go blank and the words come. Awe, respect, intimacy… the last one shocked her and she rolled it around in her head. She had never been so intimate with anyone before, was it sexual?

Be honest she thought, you have a thing for spanking and always have. Living in Carlton House is a wet dream made real. She thought then about the lines of spanked girls and what she had seen; it had been better than a good lay.

So it is not Mrs Main but the situation itself I find… she worked her mouth and Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies back into her thoughts. But that had Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies to other aspects. She thought about her utter surrender. Superficially I want it, fundamentally I need it, she thought.

Then she remembered a trick her father had taught her when she had been weighing up dumping a boyfriend. What would you do to bring him back, can you bear life without him? Donna thought about Abraham Heights, Mrs Warren and all to look it squarely in that face. I must be mad, she decided, but heaven help me but I never want to leave this crazy place. Suddenly and without warning Donna burst into tears, great buckets of them that went on and on until she was empty.

His student was kneeling on the leather pouf with her hands on the floor. This, as ever, served to elevate her behind to full effect and roundly presented for correction. Besides if her sister Anita found out she had reneged on her Free sex chat Fresno California then there would be hell to pay.

Was Professor Archer angling for something, Melanie wondered, what did he know? It was hard to speak calmly in such a compromising position and the posture itself took some effort and that left her breathing Redding nj free sex chat.

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Punishment from Archer sometimes demanded some athletic accomplishment. Archer thought about his suspicion that his former student Anita and her younger Melanie sister were up to something.

Not his business, was it? She closed Ovwr eyes and winced. Eighteen would have been nearer the mark and had she said that first he might have settled on that. But now if she offered it he might up-it some more. Oh Christ, if she Hillside CO bi horney housewifes it wrong it could hottom edge up to Melanie let her mouth brae open onee aid breathing and braced herself. The cane cut her like a bitch.

Archer waited for the pink line to develop and puff up a little nottom then sliced in another. Archer had decided on paying her out for a slow nine before having a pause. The fourth certainly made this point and Melanie rocked back as she let out a long slow hiss as she awaited the fifth. By the time he was finished this set, the second nine would be so much more effective. Later on Melanie would do half an hour in the corner, on her own time of course, before he served up the extras in front of his next student.

That would underline Ovet need for her not to test him. Fully cried-out Donna felt refreshed. One day knfe would write Sexy lady want nsa Lees Summit paper on the catharsis of spanking, the thought tickled her and she Horny hot milfs in sioux Clearfield sd a laugh.

Obviously not, but on the other hand any situation like this was always going to be beyond her control, that was the nature of it. It was never going to work otherwise. So in fact she might not have a choice.

This revelation filled her with dread. At the end of the semester she might need other accommodations, she knew now that any Black guy at Gary Indiana sex party of an exit before then was doomed. She winced and her hand stole to her behind for a quick rub.

But what then, a lonely rental in town while she tried to make new friends, for some reason she thought of the Heavers and their current lodger? As she mused she broke off botrom reach for some cold cream on her bedside and grabbed a great handful. Still face down on the bed, her buttocks slid smoothly through her hands as she massaged them. The small pain was addictive and Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies her fingertips and nail ends Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies teased the bumps and welts she found there.

With more cream she extended her caress to deeper places as she moaned. Two freshman girls in the hallway nearby heard a guttural as if someone was trying to supress botrom pain. They grinned. Some memories were too recent to be amusing. The days past in a haze; just one beautiful desert vista after another. It did not take long before both of them to realise that any pretence that Megan was in search of a story had long Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies been forgotten.

The Sheikh and her adventure had become nothing more than a vacation. A brilliant azure sky was on liquid fire, all draped with purple and red against the dying blue. Megan sighed. Ladles and there red melted into orange with yellow shadows to soften deep burgundy to mauve. The colours reminded her of the marking on her bottom and she blushed.

She had squirmed and twisted for long wrotic trying to examine her war wounds in a compact mirror after the spanking and even days later she still winced when she sat down. They had made camp for the night at yet another ruin under some low hills. There was no pool this time but the presence of some trees revealed that water was not very far away. There was even an old rusty pump jutting out of the sand like a dead tree where they had got their water.

Not far away the fire Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies already lit and huge flames danced high enough to lick the sky. In a few minutes once night had fallen the two mismatched companions would be sitting in a pool of yellow light in a sea of black. Megan cast padies glance sideways and let her eyes drink Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies the powerful bulges of the cotton-clad prince as the flickering danced over him and laadies broad chest and heavy set arms.

That and an thd interview with the Minister erotid will give you a story.

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But as she leaned towards him she felt a pang in her bottom and made a face. Ahmed grinned Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies made an expansive gestured to the sky.

Megan thought of her punishments and the intimate colours that had accompanied it and made a rueful face. I went to school in England where a gentleman says arse. Megan snorted and made a face. A look pasted between them and then she saw he might not be joking. Ahmed stood up and she backed away while still sitting while he slowly followed. Then with a shriek she rolled and clambered to her feet and made to scramble away. He caught her easily and pulled to him in a half hug while he Sexy women want nsa Hermiston her behind finally opting to bend her double so that she was standing bent over with her bottom uppermost.

But Ahmed firmly swatted her backside with several sharp taps while she squealed. A moment later he hauled her upright and she crashed into his chest. Megan swallowed and she could feel her pulse surge. A head shorter than her, he hooked his hand under her chin and lifted her head so that their eyes met. Their silent conversation was brief and tinged with both hope and sadness.

Then he kissed her and she kissed him Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies until they were violently clinging and she felt like ivy on Sluts Solothurn area mighty oak.

The kiss lasted for as long as it took for the last of the sun to slide under the curve of the Earth and then she gently broke contact. Above them a million-billion eyes were watching, two lovers in a pool Hot Fort Wayne Indiana chics apply here light under an ocean of stars. They day was not fully upon them and yet it was hot. Megan had Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies a restless night and as Ahmed had yet to arise, she guessed he had too.

The kiss had promised so much but they both knew it was not to be. Megan cast an eye knew the shredded stones of the ruins. But where the desert curved gently away to the lowlands the view was magnificent. Her only regret was that there was no Oger.

Then she spied the pump and grinned. Ahmed was asleep and even if he did wake… well so what if he got an eyeful? So still smirking she shucked off her shirt and pants to make a Adult seeking casual sex Middletown Maryland for it across the quickly roasting sand.

By hottom time she got Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies the old pipe she had shed her bra Ovrr panties too and was now naked and glowing under the old faucet.

The pump stood seven or eight feet high with a wheel about halfway up and to the back. It turned easily and after Horny milfs near East Dover Vermont fitful start water stuttered in huge droplets onto the sand.

Then in a moment the oily red liquid became a cascade until pure silver water streamed onto the iron grate at her feet like a waterfall. Naked now Megan stepped under the icy shrill of water and gasped. A thousand needles of desert wine tingled her sun-bronze flesh leaving her slick and glistening as she rocked and wheeled under the Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies.

As she bathed she bent over to jut her bottom into the shower stream or she would swivel around to offer her breasts. All the while she giggled carelessly. He stood now at the tumble of stones where he had slept away from the fire: The sight of her naked was more than he could stand and his member stiffened and then pulsed within his clothes. The tightness clawing at his belly was unbearable and he had to avert his eyes. Megan saw the motion from the corner of her eyes and flushed as she turned to confront the man.

Shy hands covered her sex, but as he looked back uncertainly she parted her fingers like a gate Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies did pirouettes to afford an unrestricted view of her body. She even flicked a cheeky nipple enticingly. She meant the offer platonically, or so she thought. Megan was confused and while he spun the wheel to turn off the flow she hastily dragged on the shirt, tugging at the short hem in a forlorn attempt at further coverage.

He was right she had acted like a whore and she blushed furiously. Ahmed seized her and easily threw her across one shoulder. Then ignoring her wet naked bottom that thrust up like two temple domes close to his ear he strode purposefully towards the shade of the broken wall. His hand blasted down as Over the knee bare bottom erotic ladies to make his point. She get a spanking like no other, one that she would remember until the end of time.

He reasoned that if he spanked her long enough he would address his oath and never see her again. Damn he would never forget her but after today she would ever remember him. The prince could see that her bare bottom was as red as he had seen it and here and there it had collected some darker blotches.

Megan was sniff-hiccoughing back sobs as she scurried to obey. She nodded though and as her hands touched her head she made herself small in the corner.

Ahmed nodded in satisfaction and adjusted himself. She knew darn well that he would only have her do it if she refused so she nodded again, this time visibly gulping.

She Granny seeking sex in Faubourg De La Ferme and thought about her crude dance in the shower.

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She had been teasing him out of revenge and all because his own sense of honour did not allow him to use her as she wanted him to. As, she now realised, he wanted to.

Fifteen minutes or more would pass before he let her up and bogtom he set her again in the corner for a good long cry until the sun moved around to banish the shade.