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Though the country is led by a woman — who will, most likely, be succeeded by another woman — fewer than a third of the members of the federal Parliament, the Bundestag, are female.

This week the Parliament in Brandenburg became the first to require all political parties to nominate an even slate for state Re women of Germany, starting in late The center-left Social Democratic Party is pushing for a similar rule for national elections. The party is already informally enforcing such a rule in its selection of candidates for the Re women of Germany European Parliament elections, in May, in the process overruling the results of local party votes.

Most people can agree that equal representation in our elected bodies is a desirable goal. Laws that put more women onto the field might look like a good start. And parity laws achieve that goal.

But parity laws come at too high a price. Forced parity would turn unequal representation, at least in part, into forced representation.

It would question voter judgment and pre-engineer a certain result. It would impair the freedom of parties to nominate their best candidates.

It would install a discriminatory principle that could eventually swing back at the very group it aims to emancipate. Nor will quotas, in the immediate term, do anything to overturn the root causes of gender disparity in political representation.

The problem, not only in politics, is an unlevel playing field for men and women. Thousands of years of patriarchy exert their influence in thousands of ways. First, we have to wlmen those.

For example, we should ask what keeps women from entering politics in the first place. Legislative sessions, from local councils to the Bundestag, are time-intensive and family-unfriendly, often running late into the night.

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Men and women are entitled to care for their families equally if they want to. A second factor is unconscious bias.

For instance, a deep male voice is often associated with authority, whereas a female voice has less social clout and gets easier talked Germang. Too often this becomes an onus on women.

Can anyone imagine the opposite: There you go. Too Re women of Germany women see these informal but powerful rules stacked against them, and stay away from politics altogether. But it can be fought in Grrmany public sphere, through government and private campaigns to raise awareness of the unseen barriers that keep women from engaging in politics.

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In fact, Germany may be well on its way. Women already have proportionally more representation in the Re women of Germany than men, when compared with their political engagement: The Greens do even better: Women enjoy Free sexy chat Tilburg majority in the caucus, while they make up 40 percent of their membership. Yet the party has been o by a woman, Ms.

Merkel, for 19 years, and in December it passed over two men to elect another woman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbaueras its new leader. In other words, absent a quota, Germany is not about to reach gender parity in politics, but it is steadily moving in that direction — and will make even more strides if, in the meantime, it tackles some of the Re women of Germany issues keeping women from entering the field in the first place.

And Married woman looking nsa Manchester, above all, is the problem with quotas.

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No, he said — it had to be This is where the idea comes back to haunt its inventors. I had always thought that equal opportunity for women meant something else.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips.

But Quotas Are a Bad Idea. Open in the app.

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