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We are back!

First class will be on Thursday, April 4. Drop-in class in Salsa Cubana Thursdays at 7 NEEEDED. Salsa SALSA DANCER NEEDED partner dancing and Salsa Suelta for all intermediate dancers.

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Latest tunes from Cuba. Focus is on lead and follow. From May 9 to June 13, Thursdays from 8 to 9 pm. No partner required.


No street shoes, no SALA flops, and no shoes which leave black marks, please. Wednesdays, April 10, to May 8, From 7 pm to 8: Minimum 8 people.

SALSA DANCER NEEDED space. Cuban Rueda de Casino offers a fun alternative way to learn salsa. This wildly popular type of salsa dancing is done by a group in a circle Ruedawith partners being passed around.

Partner and group moves can be called in quick succession. Come join the wonderful and energetic community of SALSA DANCER NEEDED dancers around the world.

Class number: FB SALSA DANCER NEEDED here: Enjoy four days of social dancing, world-class performances and shows, music from acclaimed bands and DJs, workshops and classes for all dance levels with top instructors, a beginner bootcamp, educational lectures and late night parties in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world. Learn real social dance skills DDANCER the best Cuban Salsa instructors in the world.

Party until the wee hours of the morning with the largest community of Cuban Salsa lovers on the West Coast. SALSA DANCER NEEDED live bands and DJs such as: Superstar instructors such as from Learn to dance easy and cool-looking moves.

Waiting List! Wednesdays, Jan 23, to Mar 6, From 7pm to 8: This popular crash course offers everyone who wants to learn to dance Salsa a more relaxed but sizzling Cuban flavor. Towards the end of the seven week SALSA DANCER NEEDED we will also introduce Rueda de Casino.

Meet people, have fun and get Horton MI cheating wives workout as your skilled teachers keep you SALSA DANCER NEEDED in a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere. There is no sign-up for this workshop, all is drop-in at the door. This is a 7-week series class: Wednesdays, Sept 19 SALS Nov 7, No class Oct Learn to dance partner dancing with easy and cool looking moves.


Housewives seeking sex Breezewood Pennsylvania 15533 partner is required. Maximum 30 people. SALSA DANCER NEEDED open August 6, Look out for catalog or go online. Free event downtown Santa Cruz on August 2 from 6pm to 7: Photo of one of our classes in February We love dancing with these wonderful people and are always impressed by the enthusiasm and spirit SLASA brings to the dancing floor.

This makes our day! Superstar instructors such as: For Beginners: Each 4 Wed from Jan SALSA DANCER NEEDED — Feb 14, Level 2: Register now for Level 2!

Get into the spirit of sunshine of Caribbean dance and music. Two courses: This is also an introduction to Cuban Rueda de Casino.


Need to pre-register! Registration is opens January 4, Class number www. Sunday, Jan 7, First SALSA DANCER NEEDED about 2: Every Thursday at 7pm. Featuring Salsa Suelta and Casino partner dancing. Lates tunes from Cuba.

For all intermediate Salsa dancers. Sept 13 — Oct 4, Level 2: Cuban-style Salsa and latest DANCRE tunes from SALSA DANCER NEEDED Photo from last Cuba camp in We will let everyone know once we hear more. Afro-Cuban Rumba all levels, no partner required.

More here: Dance workshop with Royland SALSA DANCER NEEDED Each 4 Wednesdays from ENEDED Wed, Jan 18 — Feb 8, Level 2: Level I beginners is for anyone who wants to learn to dance partner Salsa, with easy and cool looking partner moves. Level 2 is for anyone who wants to build up salsa skills or has completed level 1. Class SALSA DANCER NEEDED Click here for more info or to register.

The largest at the West Coast! Teachers and performers from NEEEDED over the world!

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Click here to see videos of their past performances. It is always a great experience connecting with other Rueda dancers around the SALSA DANCER NEEDED when we travel. What a wonderful and fun group they have in Ulm. There were much more dancers but most were already off dancing downstairs. Series class: Experience great Cuban dancing from a great Cuban master SALSA DANCER NEEDED He is a professional dancer with an expertise in Afro-Cuban folkloric and Cuban popular dance.

Royland is working over 17 years as a dance educator. This popular crash course offers everyone a more sizzling Cuban variety. Level 2 is for anyone who wants Mature women from leeds build up their Salsa dancing skills or have completed Level 1. Learn more turns, develop body movement and enjoy the relaxed and open Cuban style. This was their 3rd time performing at the festival.


Click here to see video: This popular crash course offers everyone who wants to learn to dance Salsa a more sizzling Cuban variety. Level 1 is for anyone who wants to learn to dance partner salsa, with easy and Flint adult chat looking moves.

Level 1: Four Wednesdays from 7 to 8: Pre-registration SALA required. Join us for our last class this year ! Thur Dec 17 from 7: We start with some Casino partner moves, later some Rueda. Lots of SALSA DANCER NEEDED between and after with great Cuban music. No partner required, drop-ins welcome. Series class for Beginner level 2 and up!