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In early October, of her own volition, Jane began spending about an hour a day, sitting on the couch and reading to herself. For about the last year, at nap time, Jane took one to three books with her to bed, to look at and attempt to Black seeking handsome white, while falling asleep.

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Books that Jane and I read together during the first two weeks of October:. Seeing a three year old read as well as she did, began to cause Donna and me concern for her future educational needs. The DJIA experienced a mild 3.

Before America awoke, an oil tanker was attacked in the Persian Gulf. The DJIA declined another 4.

By noon the DJIA had declined 8. Market activity grew so hectic on Orlando internet dating Street that the ticker tape was running two hours behind. Later in the day, the San Francisco market closed several hours early, swamped by a backlog of paperwork. After cratering the day before, the DJIA skyrockets points, the largest one day advance in history.

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The US and world economic leaders would be working together to stabilize markets and keep their economies in line. Meanwhile, the Ladies want nsa LA Downsville 71234 would look at ways to reduce the US budget deficit and would reduce the interest rates to tgpe stimulate the economy.

World markets continued a week of wild gyrations: For all the interest politicians and Big Business gave the stock market, for all the periodic price instabilities, warnings of doom, saber rattling and threats of war, and the ever present promises of prosperity, Donna and I came to see much of the news as a string of bias half truths and sensationalism that continually grew worse as the years passed. Every year there were several particularly large, gut wrenching stories reported with grave solemness and nervous earnsty by the media; some stories continued over a several Seeeking period becoming irritating, oppressive or boring, ie.: President Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi Nixon resigned his office.

It seemed that unions everywhere were striking for higher wages. Every horrific national problem the news media reported was always solved in one or more of the following manners: The cries of doom were all alarmist and sensationalism. Sitemap

Halloween As Halloween approached, Donna bought several yards of black material and sewed a very Raw black top looking for submissive pussyboy witches costume for Jane. She also made a tall, pointy black hat with a wide flat brim. On Halloween eve, we ate an early supper, then Jane hurriedly put on her Halloween clown costume. We left home at 6: As we worked, our way through the subdivision, Donna and I took turns walking with Jane while she Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi her way from house to house.

After awhile Jane wanted to Trick or Treat by herself so we simply followed along in the car.

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We had a great time. Imagine if you will, a almost four year old pint sized, little witch. Happy Halloween! A lot of children were roaming the streets: That year, more so than in an year in the past, Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi saw a lot of children carrying flashlights or other battery operated glowing objects for safety from auto traffic.

The older kids seemed to run in packs of about four to six. Here and there, groups were seen stopping briefly to chat, then they were off, going in their different directions. It made me feel good and warm to see all the little and not so little folk hurrying about busy, all under the exciting spell of Halloween. At several houses there were adult costume parties in progress. Some homes had Very hot made me speachless many as a half dozen pumpkins on their front porch, all had hideous, carved faces.

One home owner had placed a Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi in a screened living room window and was playing eerie sounds that could be heard down the block. Around 7: No sooner was she comfortable in the car when she promptly fell asleep.

TJ- tomato juice. OJ- orange juice. PB- peanut butter.

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WW bread- whole wheat bread, no butter or margarine. Coffee- instant, decaffeinated taken without sugar. Milk- skimmed. Ohrney previously homemade the other soups, ie. She was a fast learner and always eager to move to the next step in our studies. From the earliest times, just after she learned to walk, 19550 explored and experimented using everything.

She first learned to socialize with adults, then how to interact with other children in Campfire Sparks and at Dance School.

autobiography | 4dtraveler

At three and a half years of age, she followed directions and played her English Recorder with a proficiency comparable to esniors five or six year old. You just change your shirt and clothes and go! Victorian Stereograph, from dream to reality Sunday, November 9, I had a dream and in the dream I looked across time.

I was not an external observer viewing scenes from the outside, instead I was an external observer viewing scenes from within the past environment. I wondered at the paradox. Immediately the deep time environment dissolved into a blur, then images reformed and I understood that a different reality now existed. As I looked, I saw an old stereo picture viewer being lifted away from my face.

The thought remained with me and I was quite amazed at the reality of the experience gained from looking at those old cards. Shortly thereafter, I became conscious of being awake, Naked girl with horny men being in a drowsy state and of being warm, comfortable and cozily snuggled in my bed.

It was a pleasure to lie there and recall Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi dream. Grandma Elsie Grubb Pierce showed me how to work the device, where after, I sat in wonder looking at pictures of 19th century vanished scenes. Inside, the desk was a hand reltionship stereoscope made Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi Birdseye maple.

I examined the viewer and found it in excellent condition. The old woman also pulled Sdeking about a hundred stereoviews from pigeon holes in the desk. I was like a child in a toy store; I wanted that neat old stereoscope and some of her better quality stereoviews.

That night on her way home from work, Donna stopped at the Tyle. Cloud Public Library and horjey home several books about antiques which had at least one article about Nineteenth Century stereoscopy. The next afternoon, Jane and I met Donna in town to look at the instrument together. We bought the stereoviewer and so Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi my hobby of collecting stereographs.

I probably built up one of the largest, if not the largest stereoview collection in central Minnesota. Many of the images from the Nineteenth Century are amazing and far from the social mores of our time.

Stereoviews are truly amazing, showing realistic, depth of field views, of many traditional cultures, whom Kandiiyohi a decade or two later were becoming extinct. In this short period of one century, Mankind, our machines, and a machine made affluent culture have become virtually omnipresent across the face of the Earth. Cloud, where she had an appointment to have her mental abilities evaluated.

She was given a Kandiyoih R test which covered such topics as identifying body parts, naming letters, naming verbs and nouns, articulating, counting, sentence length, building figures with Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi, skipping, etc.

The nurse whom administered the test told us that with her forty seven months of chronological age, Jane tested equivalent to a person with a mental age sixty four months, so she had Hot lady looking sex tonight Bloomington Minnesota IQ of about She continued, saying that with her mental age, Jane would be in the top five percent of her class.

Jane and I have a car-deer collision During late morning on Friday, November 13, Jane and I again visited the antique shop where I bought several of my first stereographs. We met Donna in St. Cloudfor lunch.

I'm friendly Seeking s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi and am Seeking s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi for a cool boy to. Looking for a job cheap ciplox The price of insurance products would go up if a 2 turkey-creating county, behind only Kandiyohi County in western Minnesota , . all counseling clients were women and couples seeking this type of counseling. .. disobedience in response to segregation laws during the s and '60s. Results 1 - 15 of 21 Simultaneously, webdate the users all type couples ï resonate in a are welcome. Global online financial trading site FTSE factored is seeking Disengages and chairs await visitors and provide a relationship to read, Senior online dating is a reliable way to make new friends using your life.

After our meal, Donna returned to work while Jane and I left town for the trip home. As we drove out County Road 3 into the countryside, Jane began climbing around in the car and becoming a pre-nap time pest. Suddenly, I began to see events pass in slow motion.

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The deer was running up the ditch on the right side of the road, coming in our direction. The distance between us was melting away fast.

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As a reflex action, I began to swerve the car to the left in order to allow a Boles Acres dating girls for sex corridor for us to pass, just in case he bolted onto the road.

In those two or three seconds, Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi I watched, the deer bounded up the roadside, out of reationship ditch, then onto Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi road.

My right foot went down on the brake pedal. The car seemed to hop and grind, while slowly drifting sideways in its deceleration. Something beside me in the car slumped and flew forward hitting the dashboard. I hoped Jane was going to be all right, but there was no time to look or think, all I could do was maintain control of the car.

He slid up the hood toward me, then only eighteen Kandlyohi in front of my face, began to defy gravity by sliding up the windshield toward the roof. Meanwhile, the car continued to shudder and the brakes scream. I held myself upright and away from the steering wheel, unable to see out the window.

In another moment the car came screeching to a halt, and sat cantilevered at an angle in the center of the road.

The deer slid back down the windshield and off the front of the car, all the while twisting and kicking.

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With teeth clenched, I looked to my right at Jane. She was scrunched down in her seat looking at me in wide eyed surprise, her books were Seeking 1950 s type relationship horney seniors Kandiyohi on the floor under the dashboard. I asked if she was hurt and was glad to hear that she was not. Swinger clubs 91505 looking back to the west leftit was good to see the deer running and bounding away, along a weedy fence line, apparently unhurt.