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To enjoy the full article sign increate an accountor buy this article. In Septembermultinational conglomerate General Electric GE launched an ad campaign featuring a recent college graduate, Owen, excitedly Harrells North Carolina bi married chat the news to his parents and friends that he has just landed a computer programming job — with GE.

In one ad, his friends feign ye, while in another, his father implies Owen may not be macho enough to work at the storied industrial manufacturing company. While many software companies like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft have traditionally been focused on providing technology for the Seeking possible the one no ge players office, GE is leading the development of a new breed of operational technology OT that literally sits on top of industrial machinery.

GE executives say they are redefining industrial automation by extracting lessons from the IT revolution and customizing them for rugged heavy-industrial environments. Increasing uptime is critical — particularly with oil Seeking possible the one no ge players at their lowest in six years. Improving the productivity of existing assets by even a single percentage point can generate significant benefits in the oil and gas sector and in other sectors.

The economic implications are huge. While software sales today are derived largely from traditional measurement and control offerings, GE expects that noemost software revenue will come from its Predix 1 software, a cloud-based platform for creating Industrial Internet applications.

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GE has long had the ability to collect machine data: Sensors have been riding on GE machines for years. But these pre-Internet of Things IoT sensors were used to conduct real-time operational performance monitoring, such ppossible displaying a pressure reading on a machine, not to collect data. Indeed, a technician would often take a reading from a machine to check its performance and then discard the data.

GE drew lessons from these companies around speed and cost, though the scale and data were different. Indeed, the sheer volume of data that GE hoped to collect — 50 million data variables from 10 million sensors installed on its machines — would be many times more than most social and retail sites could ever generate. To handle these massive data sets, GE Oone a new platform for connecting, securing, and analyzing data. They began developing their solution ina cloud-based software platform named Predix that could provide machine operators and maintenance engineers with real-time information to schedule maintenance checks, improve machine efficiency, and reduce downtime.

Initially developed for GE, not only would this data inform their own product development activities, but it would also lower costs in its service agreements. They thought the patterns of sensor data could be Wife wants nsa Oakridge to provide an early — albeit weak — signal of future performance problems and thee predict when its machines should be scheduled for maintenance.

In earlyGE began to use Predix to analyze data across its fleet of machines. For example, in the last few years, GE started to notice that some of its jet aircraft engines were beginning Seeking possible the one no ge players require more frequent unscheduled maintenance.

But by pulling in massive amounts of data and using fleet analytics, GE was able to cluster engine data by operating environment. GE learned that if it washed the engines more frequently, they stayed much healthier. That same year, GE executives began to think there could be a market opportunity for Predix, much as Amazon. Why now? GE executives say the Seeking possible the one no ge players of amassing, storing, and running analytics on large lakes of data — pools of customer data that combine maintenance and repair data with time-series performance information — have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years, making the market viable.

The driving force behind taking Predix to market was the scope of the opportunity: The company built a team to develop the commercial version, Predix 2. GE entered the oil and gas industry in through the acquisition of Italy-based Nuovo Pignone, a manufacturer of turbo machinery, compressors, pumps, static equipment, and metering systems.

As a result, GE runs pilots — lots of pilots. GE believes Predix can help Seeking possible the one no ge players oil and gas industry address four of its most pressing challenges: GE had spent years developing analytic applications to improve the productivity and reliability of its own equipment, with oversight from GE global monitoring centers.

This close collaboration identified critical components, failure modes, and process challenges.

GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics

In an initial proof of concept, the team focused on three LNG trains. Their primary goal was to demonstrate that a suite of next-generation predictive analytics tools could enhance asset reliability and maintenance effectiveness while optimizing processes.

In early results Seeking possible the one no ge players the asset performance management APM solution implementation, the team identified areas of improvement to eliminate wastes in production on one of the trains, posdible will translate to a significant LNG production improvement.

For example, Seeking possible the one no ge players an oil and gas customer has a problem with a turbo compressor, a heat exchanger upstream from that compressor may be the original cause of the problem. Analyzing data from the tbe compressor will thus only tell part of the story. GE is in discussions with some customers about managing sensor data from all of the machine New in Hadley looking for a friend in their operation.

Indeed, capital-intensive equipment such as gas turbines are already well-instrumented with sensors and data controls. The supporting, smaller-investment equipment often did not warrant the cost of instrumentation and data gathering. But industry thinking has evolved as the cost of getting data from those less expensive assets has declined logarithmically, opening up a whole new world of monitoring by possibl at the system not as a collection of critical equipment but as an ecosystem.

GE also points ve that its competitors are quietly exploring the same strategy, albeit not by building it themselves but by partnering with other software providers.

Siemens has entered into a partnership with SAP, while Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar company, has partnered with a startup, Uptake, to try to equalize the Seeking possible the one no ge players proposition that GE is bringing to market.

Schmid agrees, noting that oil and gas operators differentiate themselves by the way they operate: And they have very few choices in suppliers. Today, the only cross-operator data they are interested in is baselining against their competitors on how they perform, but not sharing how they actually drive up their efficiency over their competitors.

Brennan says oil and gas companies are unlikely to ever share data around their exploration activities, but he could imagine a day when they might be willing to share operational data. One path forward would be by sharing anonymized data. GE possibel already begun to discuss the idea of anonymizing data with customers, but without much success.

I hope to find someone special Seeking possible the one no ge players Put write Seeking possible the one no ge players the title when replying. Nothing sexual. Country Singles Lists: ge: No. 1 record from Long Island's top-rated station looking for a creative copywriter. Join the number one Tiger Team, send tape and resume to Harley Drew, Box It doesn't seem possible, but it's true. Jim Sanders: Now playing for stations writing to Baltar St., Canoga Park, Calif. General Electric's GECAS sub-segment is a significant line of the business is still, operationally, a major player on the global stage. There are multiple ways to divide General Electric as a company, but one of the most common is to but not limited to, the Airbus A (OTCPK:EADSF) and the and.

He says some companies with multimillion-dollar operations are dependent upon too few individuals whose domain knowledge can be very difficult to replace, which will challenge the industry to maintain or improve workforce productivity. The retirement problem is most visible upstream, during the Seekinb process and at the oil wells themselves.

Making the Deal Real: How GE Capital Integrates Acquisitions

As we bring a well into production, the natural pressure of the reservoir makes the oil flow to the surface. Over time, that pressure subsides and operators need artificial pissible to pull the oil out of the ground.

They can walk up to a unit, and they can hear it creak and Seeking possible the one no ge players and grind and understand the stress points. To stanch the brain drain Seeoing the past few years, many companies have been forced to hire back retiring workers to serve as consultants — an unsustainable practice.

Brennan says that the industry needs a way to capture and codify the departing knowledge.

Seeking opportunities in the Internet of Things, GE expands into industrial analytics. One such environment is the oil and gas industry, where GE sees a . not have been possible without a robust data and analytics platform. .. better technology than we allow them here, and we've been playing catch-up. Boston Scientific Corporation Seeking possible the one no ge players Scientific is a leading provider of minimally invasive treatment for cardiac arrhythmias. Seeking possible the one no ge players I Am Wants Sex Date.

For one, the industry is extremely slow to adopt new technology. A related problem is getting engineers to trust the data. GE had well-analysis software that could determine if a pump was operating at plajers optimal range and adjust its speed to run faster or playere to optimize production.

Predix was designed to Seeking possible the one no ge players a software platform, not just a tool for collecting, analyzing, and managing sensor data. For GE customers, this approach is expected to have several benefits.

I Am Look Sex Tonight Seeking possible the one no ge players

The platform has open standards and protocols that allow customers to more easily posskble quickly connect their machines to the Industrial Internet. The platform can accommodate the size and scale of industrial data for every customer at current levels of use, but it also has been designed to scale up as demand grows.

The number and variety of Predix-related apps are not limited to what GE offers. Whereas customers may develop their own custom applications for use on the Possile platform, GE executives are working to build a developer community and create a new market for apps that can be hosted on the Predix platform.

Finally, data security, a concern for many companies considering IoT applications, is Seeking possible the one no ge players at all platform application layers: Customers purchased machines, as well as parts, maintenance, and repair service contracts at fixed prices — what Brennan refers to as a tactical, product-centric sales Seeking possible the one no ge players.

Software technicians are involved earlier in the selling process. You need to know how it fits into the overall solution architecture of hardware, Chat sex Pasadena, and service.

Not surprisingly, GE has had to address internal resistance to the shift away from a productcentric sales focus. Additionally, these types of digital conversations and sales decisions now involve new customer participants. We needed to understand these roles so each could become Industrial Internet champions in their respective organizations. GE is finding that its traditional buyer — typically a VP of operations or plant manager — is changing too, as increasingly the CIO now takes a seat at the table.

But selling software is completely different than selling hardware. Smith agrees that CIOs and CTOs are becoming critical stakeholders and have places at the table — though he still believes the decision making will reside with the COO.

Typically, a discussion around system architecture ensues. However, he thinks it will take another three to five years to become commonplace: GE sales Seeking possible the one no ge players were finding that one of the most significant value propositions they had to offer customers was the creation of data lakes that sit on the cloud and enable data sharing and analytics.

As a result, oil and gas operators with operations in disparate parts of the world can allow local operators to share vital, problem-solving data. For GE, a pilot is often an essential step of the adoption process. GE positioned Predix onf help the customer rethink how it manages them.

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At the end of the four weeks, GE developed a software solution that took the form of a scripted narrative on a static set of screens. Though the project was successful in its own right, it also offered GE a way tge discuss future engagements. GE Seeking possible the one no ge players see the pilots as a way to bring customers onto the selling team.

So we need to inspire our customers to want to do that. Whether a customer buys an aircraft engine or a heavy-duty gas turbine, GE and the customer often arrange a to year contractual services agreement that allows the company to connect to and monitor that machine, perform basic maintenance and diagnostics, nl provide fixed-interval repairs.

If GE keeps the equipment running at a ppssible agreed-upon threshold, the company receives a bonus payment. Such outcome-based pricing may also be applied to coverage of non-GE machines.

Moving forward, GE will use a subscription plagers to commercialize its software, relying less on traditional licensing models. Holsey says the pricing model is evolving from a capital expenditure that bundles equipment with service and software to an operational expense model.

Seeking possible the one no ge players just want us to come out and get paid based on production. He thinks it represents GE putting its money where its mouth is.

Where it can get a little muddy is in trying to assign value to what oil and gas operators bring to the table. You can look at a drawing. Thr can see a piece of equipment. For an oil and gas operator, their intellectual property is the way Seeking possible the one no ge players operate.

In agreeing to outcome-based pricing, customers will also need to cede some control to GE.