Walkable West Palm Beach

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Draw on this map, provide input on mobility plan

The West Palm Beach Mobility Study has kicked off, and an online interactive map has been published to gather public comment about mobility needs and desires in the city. If you’ve ever thought “I just wish there was a protected bike lane here” or “This street really needs a bump-out and marked crosswalk”, now is your time to provide this input for use in the mobility plan and the bike master plan.

Click this the link below to access the map. On the left side, scroll down to the button “Get Started” to draw your routes and add points that need attention.

WPB Mobility Plan Map


Places Where I Don’t Want to Sit

Strong Town’s Gracen Johnson recently started a social media campaign, asking people to identify places where they wouldn’t want to sit. I recently walked through the north side of downtown, which provided an opportunity to capture a few photos of places that make you scratch your head and say, “What were they thinking?”

First up is a bench that faces a parking structure. Who wants to sit here? And who designed this? Anyone who has spent a few minutes in a good public place knows that most interesting part of life in public is other people.

About as interesting as watching paint dry.

Here is a throwaway space, probably included in the development approvals as a concession to the public.

“We know the parking garage completely ruins any chance of an interesting walk on this block…so here’s a useless green space to compensate.” 

We need to avoid these mistakes going forward. A vibrant neighborhood has active edges — places where people gather — it could be a cafe, storefront, or a residences with stoops so people are coming and going. This parking structure could have been required to have a retail liner around it at ground floor, or at least a facade that appears to be an active space. It’s crucial to get these details right at the ground floor to foster a more walkable city.